Day 7 - The Med, Pont Du
Gard, and Nimes
On this day we took a small detour so we could see the
Mediteranean before we were off to Pont Du Gard.
The Med
Me dipping my
toes in the
water. - Very
The is my
dipping his
toes.  I messed
up and didn't
get his feet in
this picture.
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After our little detour to the Medeterrain.  We were off to Pont du Gard
- the Roman Aquaducts.  This the largest piece of aquaduct left - a
2000 year old piece that is in excellent shape.  Amazing!!!
This is our first view of Pont du Gard.
Here we are a little closer.
You can
walk across
it - so this is
a view from
the other
Me on the Pont.
Another view.
And still another view.
My boyfriend
with the Pont
in the
The Pont  Du Gard!!
It is an amazing bridge!!  My sweetie
is pretty amazing too.
Me with the bridge.
Afer we were amazed by the Pont du Gard we realized that
we were only ten miles from one of the Roman Colosiums.  
This one was in Nimes.  So off we went.
This is the
Colosium in
Nimes.  We
got there
too late to
go inside.
Today the colosium
is sometimes used
for bullfights.  This
was a great statue
outside of the
After we walked around the colosuim we stopped at a
cafe right across the street.  This is my boyfriend
sitting at that cafe.