Day 6 - Carcasonne
Today we headed to the south of France on the TGV.  
Our first destination was Carcasonne.  Carcasonne is a
fairly small town with the old Medeival sections completely
intact.  The old section is a completely walled city at the
top of a hill with a mote (without water) around it and
This is our first view of the old Cite.  We walked from
the train station to here.
We are now headed across the river headed
toward the cite.
We are now at the
base of the Cite but
we still have to go
up this obnoxious
hill and find our
way into the Cite.
Our first stop in
the Cite (after
we dropped our
stuff) was the
Chateau Comtal.
This is a diarama of the cite walls.  Kind of
gives a perspective.
My Sweetie
as we are
crossing the
mote bridge
into the
This is inside
the Chateau.
After we toured the
Chateau we walked
around the entire
outside of the Cite.
My Cutie
as we are
More of the Cite.
Sometimes pictures
are excellent at
describing the size of
something.  Yes, that
is my sweetie
standing next to the
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Entrance to
the Cite.
More as we
are walking
around the
My Sweetie
poking his
head out.
Me poking my
head out.
Me Cutie
in Front of
our hotel
in the
Cite.  It
was really
neat to
spend the
night in the
walled Cite.
Me in front
of the
chuch that
is within
the wall of
the Cite.
on the
Can you see
the only
signal in the
This picture is one
of my favorites.  
Especially with the