Day 5 - Versailles
- The Chatteau
Following our 3 hour walk around the gardens (No we did not come
close to seeing all of the gardens.) we took a tour of the Chatteau.
This is the Chatteau from the street side.  Such a shaby place.
This is the Chatteau from the garden side.  The place is so big
that this shows maybe a quarter of it.
This is just one
of the many
railings that
This is a royally
commisioned clock that
is an engineering
wonder.  It tells the  time
and date accurately to
the second and accounts
for leap years.
The whole clock.
The Royal
The Hall of Mirrors.
The Chapel Ceiling!
The Chapel.
The View out the
window of the
Hall of Mirrors.
My Sweetie and I in front of the statue of Napolean I.
A couple of more pictures of the Chatteau to give an idea of the size of
the place.
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