Day 5 - Versailles
- The Gardens
We took the train to Versaille and got there late in the morning so we
decided to walk the gardens before taking a tour of the Chatteau.  If
you ever wonder why there was a revolution in France all you have to
do is go to Versailles and it will become very obvious.
This is me as we are
My boyfriend with the gardens of Versaille in the backround.
Yes, the Gardens go as far as you can see in this picture!!
The Apollo Fountain!
The Gardens are Huge!!
The Small Hedges!
Looking back toward the Chatteau!
Heading toward the Grand Trianon - The smaller hunting cottage
on the grounds (below)
View of the Gardens Surrounding the Grand Trianon from the
Grand Trianon.
This is the Petit
Trianon or the
Lady's country
home on the
grounds of
Me with a little
Gazibo near the
Petit Trianon in
the backround.
Me as we are
headed back
toward the
My Sweetie as
we are in line for
lunch.  They ran
out of
sandwiches by
the time we made
it to the front of
the line.
Another Garden Picture - it is an amazing place!
This is one of those timer pictures.
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