Day 3 - Paris - Morning -
The Louvre
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On our way to the Louvre we walked through the park that goes
between the Champes de Ellysee and the Louvre.  It was a very
nice walk!
This is the view as we got off the metro stop.
This is a large pond in the park.
This is the view from the gates to the Louvre looking back at
the park.  If you look closely you can see the Arc de Triomph
in the backround.
I don't know what
this is but I took a
picture of it.  It is
huge.  Like the
Since we were
in the Louvre
with nothing
to see inside.  
I kept looking
out the
This is the view out the window.  Neat Huh?
This is one
of the
tapestries in
the Louvre.
"Winged Victory"
This is the
crowd trying to
see Mona!!
This is one of the
neat sculpture
One of my
areas in the
This is the gardens ouside of the Louvre in the afternoon.  Quite a few
more people than earlier.