Day 2 - The Afternoon
In order to see all of Paris in 2 1/2 days we tried to see too much.  So,
this afternoon we went to the Rodin Museum, Napolean's Tomb (Hotel
des Invalides), and the Army Museum.  I will tell you what we did in the
evening on the next page.
If you look close you can
see my boyfriend with a
statue from the Rodin
museum.  For some
reason we didn't take
many pictures so this one
of the few that turned out.  
Les Invalides is in the
Les Invalides -
Inside is
Napolean's Tomb
and the Army
Museum.  It is
also home to
many veterans.
Napolean's Tomb - It is
huge!!  Was he
compensating for
something even in
Hotel des Invalides!!
Neat window
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